Water Softeners

Peterswell Plumbing and Heating specialise in the installation of water softening units, which can solve the adverse effects of living in a hard water area.

soft water uk mapLiving in a hard water area can pose serious problems in both industrial and domestic settings. It can cause costly breakdowns in boilers, water heaters and domestic appliances.

Hard water is also a common cause of dry skin and hair. Hard water makes it more difficult to rinse soaps and shampoos from the skin's surface, causing the soap residue left behind to clog pores and dry skin and hair.

The minerals in the hard water itself can also clog skin pores, which can be especially harmful to more sensitive skins. Wherever water hardness is concerned, installing a water softening unit is a common solution in reducing hard water’s effects.

What is a Water Softener?

“A water softener is an appliance which is fitted to the mains water supply in homes or commercial premises to remove dissolved minerals (hardness salts). These minerals form lime-scale in pipes and boilers, when the water is heated, and soap-scum in bath water, laundry appliances and sanitary-ware. They are usually fitted close to the mains water entry point in a house but can be sited almost anywhere. Modern domestic softeners are so compact that they can be easily installed under the kitchen sink.”

United Kingdom Water Treatment Association

For more information please visit UK Water Treatment Association website:


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